Friday, June 10, 2011

Here in Alburtis we have the 5 H's

HOT.....HUMID..... HUGE.....HAIRY.....HUSKIES.....
Oh and lets not forget HATE...they are not found of this HOT weather with all their HAIR...Any way on to some scrapin business...Frosted Designs it's Friday so it's my turn to do something...Stitching was the challenge. This week I was thumbing through my older photos and came accross this one...It's aunt Nicky (my daughter) holding baby Gabe when we went for photos at Lock Ridge Park. I just love this photo. My stitching is around the hearts to make them pop just a bit. One ot the things I love most about this hobby is that it lets you revisit all these special memories and lets us preserve them for the future. Thank you so much for stoping by.

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