Friday, July 2, 2010

Wish I had my camera....

When I am down in my scrapin studio the boys (dogs) follow me...I just love the way the all lay together...somedays they spread out other days the are balled up. but they are almost always close to each other and to me...they look so very cute..I gotta bring my camera down with me and snap a few photos..
Ok how about a layout I just finished I used my Cricket and I have to tell you that I totally scraped lifted this whole it is..


Colette Bate said...

Fabulous layout, Angie! And, I don't call it scraplifting. I call it 'scrap-learning'. If we don't try to re-create other pages how in the world are we going to learn how to do new things? I mean, when you take a class and you're taught how to make a layout, do you call that scraplifting? NOT! So ... LIFT-AWAY, girl! hehehehe

Your blog is so cute .. love the idea of having a bunch of 'boys' laying at my feet while I'm scrappin ... aaaahhhhh, THAT'S the life!

Thanks for the visit. I enjoyed my stay!

Jean said...

Scraplifeted or not - it's gorgeous!